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Jake Paul beats Anderson Silva to stay undefeated

Since Jake Paul, 25, a successful Youtuber-turned-boxer, decided to begin his boxing career in August of 2018, he has been nothing short of impressive. Paul was already undefeated going into Saturday’s matchup against legendary UFC champion Anderson Silva, 47, who is past the prime of his UFC career and is more renowned for his UFC accomplishments than boxing feats.

Nonetheless, Paul won unanimously in a match that lasted all eight rounds. Saturday’s victory marked a significant win in what can be a turning point for the fledgling boxer’s career despite Silva’s age.

Nevertheless, despite the criticism in the competition of his opponents, Paul now improves his undefeated record to 6-0 thus far in the infant stages of his boxing career, calling out UFC fighter Nate Diaz in the process after his victory over Silva.

After the match, Paul showed respect to Silva and how he looked up to the Brazilian who once dominated the sport when he stated: “I feel like I’m living in a movie, you couldn’t have written this in a story.”

Paul continued: “Just being in the ring with him, seeing his heart, his courage, his bravery, that’s the champion that I looked up to. He’s such an inspiration.”

The two put on a show for the people, as Paul landed 83 punches to Silva’s 79 despite a unanimous victory for the former. Paul had three times as many jabs, which led to him ultimately securing the win.

Many still will criticize his selection of boxing opponents, but one thing is for sure, results don’t lie, and we’ll see how he continues to progress as his boxing career develops.


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