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MLB Lockout

It has been three weeks since the MLB Lockout began on December 1st and the players, and the owners met last week, and it doesn’t seem much came out of the negotiations as the lockout continues. So, what happened last week? The two sides met to discuss smaller issues which might include scheduling, the All-Star Game, drug and domestic violence policies, grievance procedures and special events.

That’s all fun and games but refusing to discuss and resolve the major economic issues at hand between the players union and the owners isn’t going to help facilitate a baseball season in 2022. The lack of progress in negotiations is not only "nerve racking" for the players and owners, but also the baseball fans as well. Everyone is hoping the lockout comes to an end before January comes in what will be a critical month for the league to resolve its core economic issues.

The players union wants changes to the arbitration system so players can make more in their younger, prime years of their careers which will also include the number of years required to reach free agency and rules that would discourage teams from holding back top prospects in the minor leagues to delay their service time. The union would also like to see teams spend more money to compete instead of tanking to get higher draft picks, similar to what the NBA had to deal with in the past.

Spring training is supposed to get start in February and there is no timetable on when a new deal will be reached. But what we do know is the players and owners must come to an agreement quickly or there will be no 2021-22 major league season.

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Dylan Fraser
Dylan Fraser
Jan 25, 2022

This gave me better insight to the lockout then any other news outlet lol

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