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Paul George and his decision come Free Agency this summer

LA Clippers forward Paul George in a matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers
Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George (13) being guarded by Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris (12).


Looking at the options for Paul George's free agency this summer can shake up the league quite drastically. After five seasons on the Los Angeles Clippers following a big-time trade from the OKC Thunder, things have not been going as planned.


Coming alongside to play with two-time NBA champion Kawhi Leonard, still has not met up to expectations. Whether it be for matchups, health, or just simply pulling off wins has been a challenge for Paul George to secure his first NBA trophy on the Clippers.

This summer George is listed as one of the top free agent options for the NBA offseason. His choice in these coming weeks can help balance the scales for a team needing a dynamic forward like PG. There are plenty of viable options that can benefit the 34-year-old in competing for a Finals banner.

Work a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers

One consensus take about Paul George is consistency when scoring the basketball. During his tenure with the Clippers George has averaged 23.0 points per game. 

George has been a reliable scoring option for the Clippers but has not been able to be the ace we’ve seen him be before. Playing with ball-dominant players like Kawhi Leonard and James Harden creates a system where the ball must be balanced for everyone. We have yet to see a fully healthy Clippers squad compete in the Playoffs and if George is willing to give another shot it can be lethal. 

The 34-year-old forward has until June 29th to either opt into his $48.8 million contract or become an unrestricted free agent. The Clippers can offer George a four-year $221 million contract that would lock him in for the future. 

The Clippers may be reluctant to offer PG a lengthy contract after only signing Leonard to a three-year $152.3 million extension this past season. If the willingness is there to pay George both parties can see this partnership continue. 

Join Forces in Philadelphia

If George hopes to compete for an NBA Championship his best option could be on the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers have maximum contract money to offer the veteran forward in free agency.

Pairing PG alongside Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid can create a lethal big three in the Eastern Conference. With the dominance of the Boston Celtics this season, a big splash by Philly can help them get back to championship contention. George’s ability to play off the ball will allow him to flourish as a safety net asset for the Sixers.

Embiid has been close to reaching the finish line but has fallen short each time due to his durability and reliability from his teammates. Adding George would allow opponents to have to key in more on the perimeter with two strong suits covering the backcourt. This could be a match made in Heaven for Paul George and the 76ers.

Rumblings about New York City

After two consecutive second-round appearances in the NBA Playoffs, the New York Knicks could be looking to elevate their play this summer. Paul George has the option to lock into his contract and force a trade to the Knicks, who have a plethora of assets at their disposal.

Jalen Brunson and company would thrive with the addition of George, who is an exceptional two-way wing that would mesh in Coach Tom Thibodeau’s system. Thibodeau does require a lot from his players, and George could provide the edge the Knicks need to make it out of the East.

For New York, the priority will be securing OG Anunoby this summer. Imagining a lineup including Paul George would create an entertaining site to see in NYC. Facilitating a trade for the Knicks would require potentially losing some core players from their roster. Acquiring George would provide additional scoring in hopes of hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy.

The rock is in his court

Following his 74-game season, Paul George has options to weigh out. Whether staying put in LA or packing his bags to the Eastern Conference can provide George an opportunity to add an NBA Championship to his resume. A lot of chips are on the table for the Clippers come free agency but a top priority will be securing their superstar franchise piece. 


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