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Remember the Name Quincy Wilson: The 16-Year-Old Track Speed Sensation Who Is The Future Of USA Men's Track & Field

USA TODAY Sports/Craig Strobeck

Despite just coming up short in the 400m Olympic Trials for Paris in Eugene, Oregon, finishing outside the top three, American teenage phenom track star who relocated from Chesapeake, VA to Maryland native Quincy Wilson, 16, put on a show.

Wilson was fearless while going up amongst grown men, finishing in sixth place with a time of 44.94 seconds, well behind winner Quincy Hall and fellow Olympic qualifiers Michael Norman and Chris Bailey.

He was running at lightning speed amongst the eight fastest runners and men twice his age, surpassing three in the final homestretch. Wilson looks to become the youngest U.S. Mens Track Olympian in history (and youngest Olympian since Cindy Gilbert in 1972) but it will not be up to him since he fell short…

His fate of making history will be up to the U.S. men's relay coach Mike Marsh and the USA Track & Field selection panel. Despite not qualifying, Wilson set records by breaking the U-18 record twice, first running a 44.66 in round one then breaking his record by running a 44.59 in the semifinals.

Both times broke the previous U-18 world record set back in 1982 by Darrell Robinson. A record that stood for 42 years!

With all the fame and notoriety, listen to the wise beyond his years of maturity you typically don’t hear from someone who just finished their sophomore year of high school in the interview below:

Last September, at 15, Wilson landed an NIL deal with New Balance, and recently back in April signed with WME Sports, the same agency that represents USA Women’s Track star Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone.

With rocket jets of legs filled with striking lightning speed, Wilson has a bright future ahead of him whether or not he gets selected for the Olympics.

The kid doesn’t even have his license yet… I guess he’ll have to wait a little longer since he has loftier goals to achieve.


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