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Tanner Krebs

Tanner Kreb, the 6-foot-6 205 pound 25 year old guard from Hobart, Australia has had a great season with the USC Rip City of the North Conference of the NBL. He recently just dropped 34 points against the Mackay Meteors, making an impact in various ways from driving hard to the cup, hitting pullup jumpers, finding teammates on alley-oops and kick out shots, and even hitting shots from downtown. Despite having scoring outbursts in games such as against the Meteors or the Brisbane Bullets, where he scored 34 in each of those games, he has just averaged around 28 points per game on 44% from the field. So what’s holding back this young, talented, yet polarizing guard from Australia from having performances like against the Meteors more often?

One thing holding Krebs back from becoming a great player is his questionable shot selection at times. There were times during the game against the Meteors he took questionable shots, such as the contested pull up three in the first opening seconds of the game instead of swinging the ball to a wide open teammate who had a great look from three. Secondly, Krebs will have to look to make his teammates better. Going back to his shot selection, Krebs can sometimes force the issue offensively and seem a little tunnel visioned at times in looking for his own shot instead of getting others involved. Thirdly, Krebs needs to become a better one on one defender against quicker opponents and be able to hold his own defensively in order to be an impactful player on both ends, which is what the best of the best are and what separates them from others.

Tanner Krebs is already a marvelous, talented player but if he wants to become a truly great player he needs to become better defensively, make his teammates better, and tighten up his shot selection because that is what the greats do.

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