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Tom Brady becomes 1st NFL QB to reach 600 passing TD’s

As if he didn’t have enough records to his name already, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to reach 600 career touchdown passes in Sunday's 38-3 blowout over the Chicago Bears. Brady’s legendary moment came with 10 seconds left in the first quarter on a 9-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Mike Evans.

Afterwards, Brady was greeted with a giant hug by his coach Bruce Arians after the play, with Evans throwing the ball to a fan in the stands. Referring to the game ball he received from Byron Kennedy, who was identified as the fan, Brady stated, “That was really cool. I got it in the bag over there Mike gave it away. He goes, 'Man, I'm sorry, man. I'll get it.' I said, 'It's alright. I'm sure they'll find a way to get it back.' But I don't actually keep too many things so ... in that circumstance, I just felt like that might be a good one to keep. He's gonna get something nice in return. So we'll get him a helmet or a couple jerseys or some other stuff. That was really cool of him to do that."

In exchange for the Ball Kennedy asked to play a round of golf with Brady, two signed jerseys, a Brady helmet, a signed Evans jersey & his cleats, two season tickets for this and next season, and a $1,000 gift card to the Buccaneers store, not such a bad deal for someone who wasn’t going to give the game ball back if Brady never asked for it. Brady will go on to throw two more touchdowns Sunday, both also to Evans for two and eight yards, respectively in the second quarter.

Arians expressed his opinion on Brady’s accomplishment by stating, "Every day he comes to practice, he looks like he's 12, The numbers -- they are staggering, they will probably never be broken. I say that, but who knows when the next Tom Brady's gonna come? But they are staggering, but when you watch him practice every single day, you don't see the age."

Sunday also marked the 37th time in Brady's career where he threw at least four touchdown passes and 97th game where he threw at least three, both tying Drew Brees for the most such games in NFL history. Brady would also thank his teammates and coaches over the years stating, "It takes 100% of what you have every single day to be successful and I'm just grateful to have amazing teammates, coaches, to be able to do it for as long as I have is a really incredible blessing in my life. I have a great family. I've got my little baby girl, who's the biggest cheerleader in the world and her two brothers, who are great cheerleaders and mom who was out there today rooting ... great to have the family here and to win a football game feels really good."

What Brady has done throughout his career has been nothing short of unprecedented, he even had a magical moment in the game with a boy who has cancer, placing his cap on the boy's head and shaking it as the boy began to cry tears. He is the epitome of football greatness and what you would want in your leader of the locker room and as a human being.

The Buccaneers continue their winning ways, improving to 6-1, the best start in franchise history.

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Airion Scarlett
Airion Scarlett
Oct 29, 2021


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