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Will Kyler Murray get a contract extension by the Arizona Cardinals?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

In what has been a drama-filled offseason for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray since the disappointing playoff performance by him and the Cardinals in the Wild Card round against the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the Los Angeles Rams. Murray looked overwhelmed in the game, against the elite defense of the Rams where he threw for just 137 yards on 19-for-34 completions and had two crucial interceptions in a horrific playoff debut performance.

After the game, there have been a lot of media pundits and outlets questioning if Murray is a quarterback you can win with come postseason time due to his diminutive size and not being able to see over the defense of oncoming defenders rushing at him. Since the offseason has started, Murray’s personality has been questioned and he has even been labeled as spoiled by the father of former Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald .

After weeks of drama between Murray and the Cardinals, last week his agent Erik Burkhardt said in a statement, the quarterback sent a contract proposal to the Cardinals and is committed to stay with the Cardinals long-term, assuming they can keep stability within the team. Burkhardt’s statement on Twitter emphasized that Murray’s main goal is to win a Super Bowl. .

On Valentines day, Murray posted on his Instagram, defending himself by stating, "I play this game for the love of it, my teammates, everyone who has helped me get to this position that believed in me & to win championships. All of this nonsense is not what I'm about, never has been, never will be. Anyone who has ever stepped between those lines with me knows how hard I go. Love me or hate me but I'm going to continue to grow and get better."

Murray will be entering the fourth year of his career and is scheduled to earn a base salary of $965,000 in 2022, and if you combine that with a $4.5 million roster bonus that will be full guaranteed on the fifth day of the league year, which will increase Murray’s take home salary to $5.4 million.

Burkhardt stated it is up to Arizona to pay his client in Murray the money he deserves, and added that "Kyler remains hopeful that the organization chooses to commit so that he can continue leading the Cardinals to further success and value for many years to come."

Throughout his three seasons in the NFL, Murray was the 2020 NFL Rookie of the Year, made two Pro Bowls, and helped lead the Cardinals to their first postseason appearance since 2015, despite the disappointing loss. Will the Murray-Cardinals saga continue? Or will these two sides finally come to a deal? We will have to wait and find out.


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